About Us

Park Street opened in May 1976 and the Victorian home that hosts the Centre was built in 1896 and is situated in a prime Brunswick location. Surrounded by gener­ous landscaped gardens and wonderful outdoor play areas, the centre is within walking distance to beautiful parks and the Royal Melbourne Zoo, where the chil­dren visit for excursions. Park Street aims to be accessible to all families and sensi­tive and responsive to the cultural, social and linguistic needs of all members of the community. The Centre is a non-profit community cooperative. When becoming a member of the cooperative parent’s whose children attend the Centre are expected to be actively involved in the running of the Centre.

Park Street is registered for 44 effective full-time places for children aged from six months to five years; with children enrolled in a range of part-time and weekly arrangements. The Centre offers a fully funded kindergarten program run by an experienced and qualified Kindergarten Teacher.