Our Educators plan for children’s learning using an Emergent curriculum, our programs have a strong theoretical background, they are enquiry play-based and are responsive to children’s interests, strengths and aspirations. This approach allows educators to respond to observations of children, build upon their strengths and scaffold their learning. Our Educators use the Victorian Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework (VEYLDF) to enhance the children’s learning. The VEYLDF advances all children’s learning and development from birth to eight year. It does this by supporting all early childhood professionals to work together and with families to achieve common outcomes for all children. The Victorian Framework sets the highest expectations for every child. It identifies five Early Years and Development Outcomes for all children:

-       Children have a strong sense of identity

-       Children are connected with and contribute to their world

-       Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

-       Children are confident and involved learners

-       Children are effective communicator.

The Victorian framework describes each of these Outcomes for children from birth to eight years, linking the learning outcomes from the Early Years Framework for Australia to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. The outcomes provide a shared language for all early childhood professionals and families to use when planning for children’s learning and development.

 In addition to a Centre wide program, Park Street also runs a fully accredited and funded Kindergarten program.